Begin with the End in Mind

I have long been a follower of Steven Coveys book “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”, and his second  habit is my favorite!  “Begin with the End in Mind”.  Why?  For me, it is to create a clear, compelling vision of what I want my life to be like. Having your destination clearly defined makes it easier to map out your road to success.

I have been working with my mom and mother-in-law for a few years now, trying to decide when is the best time to sell the family home and move into an assisted living facility.  The resounding answer from them is “never, ever, ever….never”.  Which got me to thinking, what could they have done to make this dream a reality?  How can we stay in our homes longer?  What can be done now (Begin) that will let us all stay in our homes for as long as possible (the end result)

First let’s start with assessing your current home, is your master bedroom upstairs?  That presents a fall risk and it will become difficult to walk up as time goes on.  Do you have a one-story that just needs a bathroom upgrade to include low profile shower trays and some grab bars?

Second, if you are in a home now that is not energy efficient you may be wasting money on high energy costs. Newer home with more energy efficient appliances and triple pane windows can help with some of the energy savings.  Lower bills will mean a lot when you are on a fixed income.

Third, what about the upkeep on the outside of your home?  Planning now and planting drought tolerant and native plants will help. Many subdivisions in Austin and the surrounding area are “lock and leave”.  NO outside maintenance is required of the homeowner, all landscaping and water is taken care of by the homeowners association.

If you would like more information on aging in place or a list of builders and subdivisions, in Austin and the surrounding areas, that offer such amenities please contact me through my website

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